Personalized Jewelry and the Celebrities Who Wear Them

Personalized jewelry and the celebrities who wear them.

PLUS tips to how to get your custom made name necklace. This is the most comprehensive review ever made on name necklace worn by the rich and famous. Who are the celebrities that were seen with personalized jewelry?

Kim Kardashian and Khloé Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kylie Jenner, Drew Barrymore, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Kanye West (LOVE HIM), Rihanna, Kylie Minogue, Lindsay Lohan, Miranda Kerr, Paris Hilton (HOT), Halle Berry, Taylor Swift, and more!

Celebrities are known to be the hottest influencers of fashion and Jewelry in the world today. If particular clothing, jewelry or fashion style is not fashionable, and a celeb wears it, then you will see lots of people putting doing the same. A classic example was with Kanye West and his Arabic Name Necklace. Superstars are always known to cause a change when it comes to influencing what other people wear. Moreover, their love for personalized jewelry and name necklaces is something that is now common.

Also, celebs inspired personalized jewelry are now the significant jewelry people carve for especially when they have a special love for such a celeb. These superstars lead our everyday lives with what they wear, eat, and sleep as well who they do business with. Unlike most of us, Celebs have enough cash to spend on large diamonds, custom jewelry, and other expensive designer name brands. With online shopping, some personalized jewelry inspired by Celebs can be purchased online.

Now, the attention is now on personalized jewelry. We customized our jewelry for different reasons. Some may see it as a way of being closer to a loved one if we purchased for ourselves or a gift. It might be a symbol of strengths or probably want to represent what they stand for. Personalized jewelry is now making a hit in the world of fashion. As designs like Monogram, Infinity and Russian ring from pure gold can be bought on Amazon. Personalized jewelry will become more popular as more and more celebrities especially females are now making their own statement with name necklaces. Personalized jewelry is unique because they always represent something about you.

Watch the video for celebrity personalized jewelry inspiration.

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Let’s see more examples of personalized jewelry and the celebrities who wear them.


Halle Berry

Halle Berry is an exceptional beauty and who stands as the only woman of color to ever win a Best Actress Academy award. She is very proud of her daughter, Nahla and thus makes personalized jewelry bearing her Little letter N to express how much she loves her.

Get this Alex Woo “Little Letters” design on the best price on Amazon from your favorite material, .925 Sterling Silver, 14K Yellow Gold or With Gold with Diamonds.

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Alex Woo Sterling Silver Little Letter on Chain Pendant Necklace

Alex Woo's Icons are classic gifts for your bridal party. This piece is perfect for the Traditional wedding. When it comes to bridal gift-giving, a personal touch can create a lasting impression.

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My husband bought this for me for Christmas (2015) w/our new daughter's initial so it was very special to me. Unfortunately, the chain broke a few months ago. 🙁 I did wear it frequently, but certainly not everyday and wasn't hard on it by any means (didn't wear it in the shower, etc). I just think the chain should be stronger for the price. Overall, I really liked the simple & polished, but casual style. I just wish the chain would've lasted longer. 🙁
March 19, 2017
I really like this necklace. Good quality. This is the second necklace I have purchased. I will purchase more. These are small necklaces. Just right.
August 17, 2017
I love this necklace! So pretty and dainty and well made. I wear it all the time, in the shower and to bed, and it stays on without any issues!
May 13, 2017
For anyone with a J initial this is a very pretty and modern rendition. Not overdone.
November 2, 2017
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Alex Woo "Little Letters" 14k Yellow Gold Pendant Necklace

Alex Woo's Icons are classic gifts for your bridal party. This piece is perfect for the Traditional wedding. When it comes to bridal gift-giving, a personal touch can create a lasting impression.

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I’ve been eyeing Alex Woo necklaces for months, and finally pulled the trigger. I’m so glad I did! The necklace is beautifully made, and the M charm is heavier than I expected. I really wanted a solid gold initial bc I was tired of the gold on gold-plated necklaces wearing off within a year. This one is worth the price! And I love supporting a small designer!
May 27, 2018
I am an Alex Woo fan. She is the only designer that makes the lower case initial necklace in solid gold...that I can find. I bought my Mom her initial for her birthday and she loves it. Yes, the line is expensive but the initials are very heavy and the chain has a lobster claw fastener.
February 4, 2017
Beautiful necklace. Charm is the perfect size and chain is delicate but not overly delicate. Very expensive though, sometimes there are cheaper desks, check back frequently to get the best deal.
September 13, 2018
From the 1st picture, you can see the chain is poorly made. In the 2nd picture, I wanna let you know the pendant has lots of scratches and the surface of one side is not smoothly carved! I love the design but I don't like its poor quality. VERY DISAPPOINTED!
February 13, 2017
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Alex Woo Little Letters Diamond and 14k White Gold Pendant Necklace

The 3rd letter of the English alphabet makes a personalized statement with a bold edge. This unique lowercase "c" is that classic initial necklace that every girl should have! Simply perfect to wear ...

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I had my eye on this for awhile and based on the other review I was a bit leary of buying, but I said if I hated it I can always return it! I really like my initial necklace the "C" has a nice weight to it. Other initial necklaces I've owned in the past were lightweight. The diamonds in this C has a lot of sparkle. My only complaint is the chain, I think it definitely could have been a tad bit heavier than what it is the chain is really thin. But I purchased this because of the initial and I am ecstatic about it.
January 7, 2017
I own several pieces of Alex Woo jewelry, and I really like the quality of the pendants. They have a good weight to them, and are very sturdy. The diamonds do sparkle in the light (I noticed that several reviewers were disappointed with the diamond quality- may depend on the letter). The necklace is also a diamond cut chain, so it sparkles as well. The necklace is durable enough for everyday wear, so I have no complaints about the chain. I will say that compared to some of the other name brand designers that I have seen this is one of the highest quality initial pendants, both in craftsmanship and design.
June 4, 2017
I'm very disappointed in the overall quality of this piece of jewelry. The diamonds are terribly small and offer no sort of 'bling,' and the chain is very flimsy. This was not a good buy for the price that I paid.
December 20, 2016
Absolutely in love with this necklace. Worth every penny! So beautiful and shiny in person. I get so many compliments on it.
July 17, 2018


Taylor Swift

Switching for a country songstress to a renowned global superstar, Taylor is admired by her fans for being real. She shows off her little letters regarded as shimmering, gossamer perfection and her fans can’t “Shake it off.”

Celebrity monogram necklace is a great personalized jewelry, as you get to be in the spotlight and keep it really classy. We also got you a great price for a 10K gold monogram necklace from

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10K Gold Petite Personalized Monogram Pendant by JEWLR

See your initials beautifully transformed into solid (never plated) 10K gold.; Pendant is 15mm in diameter and 0.55mm thick.; Quality crafted in North America in just a few days.; 99 Day Return

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Monogram Necklace Personalized Initial Name Necklace

This 1.25 inch Personalized monogram necklace is one of the most special and personal pieces of jewelry you can own or give as a gift. This monogram measures about 1.25 inch (3cm) wide and 0.7mm ...

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Fancy Monogram Necklace -Customized Pendant with your Initials -Jewerly for Her

Turn heads with the latest fashion trend and customize your full name initials; A lovely gift for your wife, girlfriend, loved one, mom or a special treat just for yourself.; The Monogram Necklace ...

Available: In stock
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Exactly what I wanted! The whole process went off without a hitch. The initials are correct, beautiful script, and it even arrived early. It is thin, but I knew that before I ordered.I am glad to have such a great necklace. I hope it last as long or longer as the reviewer who said they wore it everyday for a year so far. If I have any problems, this will be updated.
February 3, 2017
I looked at similar necklaces for a week before settling on this one. Overall, it's a nice piece. I wasn't sure I'd like the chain at first, but after wearing the necklace a few days, I'm pleased with how it looks. This is JRM in rose gold. I'm happy with my purchase. 🙂
June 28, 2017
I bought this as a gift for my good friend! It is beautiful. I wish I’d paid more attention to the length. It’s 18” and is a bit short on my friend but she loves it!
November 14, 2017
You get what you pay for. It "looks" ok but you can tell the metal is pretty cheap.
February 19, 2018

Kanye West

Kanye West is that type of man that was born to be a celebrity. He is loud, he got a unique style and he is extremely talented in whatever he does. Kanye West Whether you love him or hate him, and usually people have an opinion, that’s another celebrity trait, also made a statement with a personalized jewelry. Kanye’s personalized jewelry of choice was a gold Arabic name necklace.

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The new trend is here with our Arabic name necklace available in all metal types; A lovely gift for your wife, girlfriend, loved one, mom or a special treat just for yourself.; We can translate your ...

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**This seller even commits on translating and spelling your name or statement  with no errors**

Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts anchored Good Morning America for more than ten years, and many Americans love her. When the doctor diagnosed her of breast cancer in 2007, she wore a personalized Activitst PINK necklace to serve as a symbol of strength for all women.

Ariana Grande

The singer and actress is someone worth idolizing. She is not only gorgeous and talented but also has a great taste in jewelry. Ariana looks captivating in her music video “into her “ where she wore a Princess Kiss and Words Taken Arrow!

Heidi Klum

Heidi is an internationally known television host, model, TV producer, fashion designer, and occasional actress. She is a proud mother of 4 kids and experiences happiness and balance in her life. She wore a personalized little number 4 with a mini heart.

Kate Upton

Blessed with a voluptuous body and fun personality, supermodel Kate Upton has transformed the modeling industry one magazine cover at a time. She wore a personalized jewelry to celebrate the Houston Astros’ win in the American League Championship and also support her husband and baseball player, Justin Verlander.

Christina Applegate

Christina was a women’s champion everywhere when she started to educate women about breast cancer. She partnered with Alex to create the Tree of Life pendant which has been copied and imitated globally.

Jessica Alba

Jessica is a happy mother who loves to share her fortune with others and is the founder of the company “Honest for all of us.” She had two daughters named Honor and Haven and personalized her necklaces with the Letter “H” as a sign of love for her kids.

Alex Woo "Little Princess Sterling Silver Kiss Pendant Necklace, 16"

Alex Woo's Icons are classic gifts for your bridal party. This piece is perfect for the Princess wedding. When it comes to bridal gift-giving, a personal touch can create a ...

Alex Woo Mini Additions Heart Charm

Alex Woo's Minis are classic additions to gifts for your bridal party. This piece can be added with any wedding inspired Icon. When it comes to bridal gift-giving, a personal ...

Alex Woo Mini Additions Sterling Silver Kiss Charm

Sterling silver lip-print charm with looped bail; Domestic; Alex Woo's Minis are classic additions to gifts for your bridal party. This piece can be added with any wedding ...

Alex Woo Mini Additions Wing Charm

Made in United States; Stamped for authenticity on the back; Solid matte-finished eco-friendly 14kt Yellow Gold; Because each piece is hand finished and made in our New York ...

Sterling Silver Custom Coordinates Bar Necklace (16" with 2" extender)

This Sterling Silver Custom Coordinates Bar Necklace can be personalized with any location. Commemorate a special day or location with the address of your choice which will then ...

Classic Name Necklace Personalized-Custom Made Pendant Jewelry Gift for Her

Have your name or a loved ones name close to you at all times by customizing this name necklace.; A lovely gift for your wife, girlfriend, loved one or a special treat just for ...

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    Steinunn Matheson May 29, 2013 at 12:00 am

    I bought this to go with my little letters necklace, it’s beautiful. I get compliments on it all the time

  2. this was an addition to another mini necklace. needs a little more polish

  3. Absolutely Stunning! I was a bit skeptical considering the average price but boy was I deceived! The necklace came within a week and I am in LOVE!Such superb craftsmanship. The edges of each letter are smooth and rounded and the box chain is immaculate.I had orders a sterling silver one off eBay before and it cost me almost $100, too a month to arrive and was so crudely made I almost cried.Now that I’ve found Custom PersonaliEd Jewelry on Amazon, this is the ONLY place I’ll buy personalized jewelry from, ever!

  4. Although the ‘charm’ was created by Alex Woo its micro miniature size makes it undesirable and it is too highly priced.

  5. I’ve purchased 2 of these, one to add to my own Alex Woo little letter necklace and one as a gift. I love them. It is very small, hence the name “mini” it is also very dainty and pretty. Alex Woo jewelry is high quality in my opinion, I have several of her necklaces and charms and I will continue to buy more of her creations in the future!

  6. Love it love it love it! I bought this for my younger sister for Christmas and it arrived speedily, the text is legible, and the finish is so smooth I couldn’t have asked for a better product at such a price.I will admit it’s a bit thin and because her name is so long it could bend in the center if a good amount of pressure is applied but it’s jewelry not a construction tool so I don’t see her doing that any time soon.She’s fairly girly and has already started her collection of jewelry and she’s only 11, I’m so excited to give it to her. I know she will love it and wear it a lot and I know her sisters will want one shortly thereafter.

  7. I ordered one in 18 and one in 16 inch and I really like them. The font is really fancy and they even added the apostrophe and capitalized the G in Mc’Guire, despite them saying that they don’t do that. I was very happy about that.

  8. I got my Hawaiian middle name customized with an 18 inch chain. The quality is overall very nice but mine is slightly bent after stepping on it by accident.

  9. I LOVE it! Alex Woo is one of my favorite designers.

  10. Very, very tiny. I got it to add to a necklace that came with 2 mini charms so it looks great with those. I think you need at least 2 as they’re so small and not cheap!

  11. Purchased this item as a gift. Arrived on time and was very well received by the recepient. Great gifting option.

  12. I LOVE my coordinates necklace! It is simple and beautiful. I receive many compliments!

  13. I love that my best friend loved her gift— there is nothing we didn’t like about this beautiful necklace!

  14. Excellent quality. Beautiful and came super quickly!!

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